Say Lord Jazz hit me one time In front of any B boy or girl, and you will hear Make it funky! This is now 20 years DJ Lord Jazz has been spinning records on his mighty turntables.

While growing up in Cleveland, 109th & St Clair he was always around musicians and singers being that his Aunts & Uncle’s were gospel singers, his mother also loved music and had all the latest hits in funk, jazz and soul. “I remember coming home from school and going right to my moms record collection and pulling out The Emotions, Tom Scott, Enchatments, Les McCann and other classics”

He spent several years living in Youngstown, Ohio, where he would listen to WDMT on Saturday nights. Thats when Dean Dean the Music Machine was on and the show was called “Clubstyle Show”. He had various street DJ’s from Cleveland come up and rock the turntables and Jazz fell in love with the show.

He was a hip hop head from then on, he tried graffiti but it didnt stick, he tried breakdancing but it didnt stick, then he tried djing and he knew immediately that was his passion.

In 1983 Jazz moved to Warrensville Hts, a suburb of Cleveland. While in Warrensville Hts he was in Dj crews and groups, the main group being “The New Wave Rappers” with Smooth, Shock and Kid Pierre and a new comer to the city called Mc Bango (who later hooked up with Ice T and Rhyme Syndicate). With Jazz on the cuts they did numerous talent shows all around the city but never got a recording contract.

“It was hard to get in the music industry if you were’nt from New York or LA” Jazz says.”


After graduating from Cleveland Hts High he went to Shaw University, a prodominantly black college in Raleigh North Carolina. He majored in Radio/Television communucations and worked at the campus radio staion. His first show on the station was a gospel show that he did every Sunday morning at 6 am, then working his way up to a jazz show on Saturday mornings then eventually his own show on Saturday nights playing all the music he loved, not what the program Director loved. “Djing is an art that you have to master and break new material to the masses, Were not robots” Jazz says.

While at Shaw University Jazz met Derek (LA) Jackson (Scott Storchs’s manager) and taught him how to mix and scratch and he was always grateful for that. When LA graduated he made Jazz a promise that he would do something big one day. Later in that summer LA was working with his cousin Marley Marl and asked Jazz to form a group when he went back to school. Jazz agreed and met with Doitall online casino first and liked his flow, then he met with Funkyman, they started to record songs in Jazz’s studio, two turntables a mic and a four track. The first track was called “Psycho” and Marley loved it. Jazz later set up a show in Raleigh and Marley came down to check it out, after the show he asked that they come to his online casino House of Hitz studio I would posit that if banks must borrow (or have on hand) the full amount in reserves for any interbank payment transaction to take place (and I understand the netting principle, but original reserves must come from somewhere), then bad credit loan is merely an accounting identity. in NYC and record.

“That was a dream come true for me, to be at casino online the studio where Biz, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rapp, Roxanne Shante, Mc Shan and LL Cool J rocked at nbso online casino !”

A couple months had passed and Marley had a meeting with Ruben Rodriguez for a credit score check IS the deposit. remix record and accidently put on Psycho and Ruben said Hey what was that? Marley replied thats a new group I’m working with. Ruben wanted to meet this group immediately and that’s how Jazz and crew got in the music industry. Pendulum/Elektra Records In 1990 the legendary hip hop group The Lords of the Underground was formed. Though the name might imply violent gangsta rap, the Lords of the Underground match socially best online casino conscious raps with hard-hitting beats.

Before their debut album (Here Come the Lords) even appeared, the Lords placed three hit singles (Psycho, Funky Child, Chief Rocka) on the rap charts. By the end of the year, the Lords received an award from BET as best rap group of the year. Keepers of the Funk, released a year later, kept the momentum going, and there was a five-year wait before the third album The Congressional Budget Office estimates that in 2014 nearly three out of five Americans will have coverage through an employerprovided plan and 12 percent through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Program, federalstate programs that provide insurance to lower income Americans. Resurrection dropped in 1999. “Where are the Lords?” people would say.

The Lords did not separate, Lord Jazz decided to set up in Paris, France. Very quickly, he managed to be adopted by the whole French hip hop community through projects with the HH crew (Cut Killers crew),Lord Kossity and K Special.He also placed a weekly radio show on Generations Fm called “The Connection”where he blessed Parisian hip hoppers with great music and special guests along with hosting on the mic.LordJazz has since moved on from Generations and now does his weekly show on the internet in which he is the international president of and every Friday on “I love the freedom I have on these show’s and I do it right from my studio” Jazz says.

In France no DJ can spin turntables and rock the crowd with the mic as Lord Jazz does! His technical skills and a pure selection transform his sets in original hip hop masterpieces. No surprise to find Lord Jazz on the line-ups of massive events in France and Europe. After collaborating on many production projects (the latest being Passi and Les Salgos), Lord Jazz and his brother have now decided to bring a new contribution to the hip hop movement by creating their own label, Premium Records. We should see the release of Jazz’s first solo project “The Plain Dealer” on Premium Records distributed by Believe Distribution with exclusive instrumentals and featurings, (Mr.Funke & Doitall (L.O.T.U.G), Cella Dwellaz, Jeru da Damaja, Nick Javas, Joya (R&B), Respect Da God, Beez Portier, Bars N Hooks, Senica Da Misfit, Aarophat, Ike Turnah, J-Ro & Tash from Tha Liks, Stickey Fingaz (Onyx) and Treach (Naughty By Nature) and Tah G Ali etc. As well as the release of a Lords of the underground lp for the 20th year Anniversary of lords of the underground.

“I’m gonna use the same formula that got us here; Lyrics, Attitude, Music and Performance“ Jazz says.

He and LOTUG are currently in the studio with producer’s 9th wonder and Marley Marl for an up and coming album (2011-2012) to celebrate 20 years in the business. Other producers to appear on the project are Pete Rock, Dj Premiere, Rockwilder, Swizz Beats and more!